Solve the Dropbox Problem

Use Native Connectors to Connect Your Most Sensitive Enterprise Content

Chances are, employees within your organization are using Dropbox for sharing and syncing files, whether or not you have approved it for official use. But regardless of the popularity of Dropbox, its use in the enterprise remains risky. It was originally developed for people to share personal files and over the years, the service has suffered serious security breaches.

For many organizations, Dropbox is a fact of life. But is there a way to make it more secure, manageable, and compliant? Can Dropbox be made safe for business?

This whitepaper highlights how organizations can make Dropbox secure, manageable, and compliant with Accellion and Dropbox connector. The Accellion Dropbox connector brings Dropbox content and activities back under the control and watchful eye of the IT department, ensuring that business content is shared safely and responsibly.

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Secure and govern your Dropbox content.