Reduce Compliance and Security Risks for Remote Healthcare Workforces

How a Content Firewall Protects Health Information Communications

Date: October 29, 2020
Time: 11:00 am Pacific / 02:00 pm Eastern
Stephanie Domas, Executive Vice President, MedSec
Bob Ertl, Sr. Director, Product, Accellion

Healthcare technology leaders face large-scale security and compliance challenges as many patients and staff move from within their walls to remote locations. Until now, hospitals and clinics had used secure communications only for exceptions, like sending protected health information (PHI) to other providers when transferring patients. Now, staff must execute data-to-day work through these secure tools, even if they have little experience with information technology.

Learn how secure content communication software helps address the new requirements this remote environment imposes:

  • Deliver simple, accessible communication tools for non-technical staff and patients
  • Lower compliance and breach risks by protecting patient health and financial information in hostile end user environments
  • Apply automatic compliance policies to meet regulations like GDPR and HIPAA
  • Provide secure remote access to critical information repositories
  • Audit all remote information access and transfers
  • Reduce administration and infrastructure costs by consolidating your communication software

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Learn how a content firewall protects health information communications.