Governed SFTP Server

Optimize File Transfers for Rock-Solid Compliance, Security, Scalability, and Reliability

Businesses depend on SFTP for their most critical third-party data transfer operations, but traditional SFTP servers have significant limitations. They have minimal out-of-the-box security and governance, so you or your sysadmins have to spend valuable time scripting and customizing to create compliant logging, hardening, and other security controls.

Modern businesses need a flexible, easy-to-use, centralized SFTP solution that integrates with their existing infrastructure and protects their third-party data transfers. They achieve rock-solid compliance, security, scalability and reliability with the Accellion governed SFTP server.

Accellion’s governed SFTP server centralizes, optimizes and governs all your file transfers in one platform, so the traditional bottlenecks that hinder critical oversight vanish.

The Accellion content firewall handles the governance and security with centralized policy administration. It monitors and logs every file transfer, too. Now security and GRC professionals can flag abnormal user behavior and demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA, and other data privacy regulations.

Advanced policy controls reduce administrative time and cost. Delegate SFTP directory management to trusted business users who create and delete directories, onboard external users, upload and download the content from back-end repositories, and set permissions.

You can also create new SFTP file transfer automation visually with the content firewall’s powerful Secure Managed File Transfer, or code integrations with its REST API.

Don’t leave your organization at risk of a data breach or compliance violation. Protect and govern your SFTP file sharing with Accellion.

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Protect and govern your SFTP file sharing.