Securely Send and Receive Sensitive Documents Without Leaving Salesforce


Empower your customer support team to simply and efficiently exchange large, sensitive files with their customers, right in their Salesforce cases:

 Simple | Secure Salesforce File Sharing
 Simple for employees to send, request and store documents Ready
 Simple for customers to upload and download documents Ready
 Secures sensitive files such as proposals, contracts, CAD files, logs and licenses Ready
Protection | Secure Salesforce File Sharing
 Monitor and analyze all sensitive content entering and leaving the organization Ready
 Ensure data protection with enterprise grade encryption in transit and at rest Ready
 Set granular, scalable administrative policies and strict access controls Ready
Embedded | Secure File Sharing
 Access, send, receive and download sensitive files within the same Salesforce   screen Ready
 Link Accellion platform folders to cases, accounts and opportunities automatically Ready
 Enable non-salesforce users to access the same folders via the Accellion platform’s   web and mobile apps Ready
 Storage | Secure File Sharing
 Connect your own data storage infrastructure to Salesforce cases, accounts and   opportunities Ready
 Send sensitive files to customers from on-prem file shares, or repositories such as   SharePoint, Documentum, OpenText and Microsoft OneDrive Ready
 Comply with on-prem content storage policies Ready
Salesforce AppExchange Screenshot